SuperSonic Festival 2018

This was the Wolfbat contribution to the amazing art/music festival in Birmingham, UK. We had the honor of bringing a procession/happening to Brum.  Deaf Kids and Rattle helped with the drumming, Agathe Max on violin. aside from building the giant wolf puppet and directional spirit masks, we had a Wolfbat mask making workshop for two days where several locals made their own elaborate masks. Thank you Birmingham and SuperSonic. 




HalloWolfbat 2017 at Heron Arts in San Francisco

This years HalloWolfbat was part happening part art show. The entire space at Heron Arts was filled with a giant installation and art pieces. Outside the Wolfbat tribe battled the low frequency demons while High on Fire, SubRosa, Wizard Rifle and Flat Black set the heartbeat of the night. Thank you Heron.





HalloWolfbat 2015 at House of Vans Brooklyn

Wolfbat tricked out the entire 20,000 sq. ft. space like a psychedelic arena where demigods, robots and giant wolves clashed to the sound of Big Business and Flipper.






Conjuring the Red River 2015

This was from a four week artist residency at the Shreveport Regional Art Center. The installation is a Wolfbat river boat  with animated parts and psychedelic imagery covering the boat and walls. The inside was filled with boxes containing Wolfbat photos from past journeys along with the stories. 






Temple of Wolfbat @ Known Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 2013


Anti-Art show 2013: Antihero graphics

This was part of a traveling exhibition of the boards, carved blocks and prints of all 26 graphics done for Antihero skatebaords. The exhibition was shown at the Lodge Gallery in NYC, Orchard Skate shop gallery in Boston, Eleanor Harwood Gallery in SF and Known Gallery project room.

A SIX STAIR PRODUCTION Video by Coan Buddy Nichols

Viking Ship paraded through Chelsea NYC: no permits, no permission, no remorse

For the past 4 months (and 8 episodes) Dennis McNett has been hard at work creating 2 life size Viking ships, 10 die cut wood block pieces, a huge wave wall and 3 memorial ships for his first big solo show in Chelsea. Produced by Sixstair

Reaping Waves and Vital Vessels: The Passing of the Wolfbats New York, NY DEC. 2010

This clip shows the execution, artwork, and performance from a solo show at the Joshua Liner Gallery. The exhibition showed a memorial installation to the passing of Andy Kessler, Richard Mock, and Tom Little, an installation of Saint Death, several wood carvings and a celebratory procession of 24ft Viking ships through the streets.

BFT and the Wolfbat Railway

Custom Culture teamed with artist Dennis McNett to bring the Wolfbat Railway to Louisiana. Students from McMain Secondary School in New Orleans were given the unique opportunity to collaborate with over 40 artists from across the country to customize a 100 foot model train engine and boxcars.

The Blood Ice Castle of Madison and Ymir the Frost Giant: A tale of Wolfbat renewal Madison, WI FEB 2011

The Wolfbat army has conjured the Frost Giant Ymir from his blood ice castle on the frozen lake. From Ymir's slain body the gods created a world unwelcoming to the Wolfbat, giants, and man. The Wolfbat army will slay Ymir's resurrected spirit in order to reforge a world welcoming to the spirit of the Wolfbat. (the evening before our procession down State St. and onto the ice the governor announced his bill to take away union labor rights) This project was performed with WU-Madison art students on the frozen lake Mendota near campus.

Jest For Wolfbats: All Fools Day Kansas City, MO April 1st 2011

The Wolfbat Army migrated from St. Louis into Kansas City for a well deserved victory celebration. 5 captured Aliens were slain in the streets followed by a Wolfbat War Vessel procession through the streets ending burning a war eagle, lighting off fireworks and a set by Sedlec Ossuary.

Barneys Display windows New York, NY June 2010

This clip shows the installation and finished windows of Barneys NYC on Madison Ave. The display traveled to Chicago and Seattle.

The Bellingham War Eagle: A Tale of Wolfbat Fortunes Told Bellingham, WA FEB 2011

The Wolfbat Army after slaying Ymir and Sacrificing dreams of fire to Loki has moved in Washington state to call to and battle the War Eagle of Bellingham which will tell the fortune of the Wolfbat army's future battles. This project was performed with WWU students.

Wolfbat War Vessel and the Sacrificial Burning of the Fallen Gods March 2011

In celebration of the Fallen Gods slain in the conflict of academia vs. free minds the Wolfbat army processed through the rainy streets of St. Louis to the sacrifice grounds of the Atomic Cowboy. Here the severed heads of the gods were burned.

The Chupakabra Clan of the Wolfbat and the Jackalope Hit Odessa, Texas April 2011

nhe Chupakabra have joined with the Wolfbat in order to track the Jackalope and reclaim their territories in west Texas. The Jackalpoe have come down from Wyoming and have been over breeding the lands and pushing the Chupakabra out. Once the head Jackalope heard the Chupakabra had put a hit out for his life he fled. Unknowingly the travel agent booking his flight to Stonehenge was actually working for the Wolfbat and booked the flight to the Stonehenge replica in Odessa, TX where the clan are awaiting his arrival. Check the video. Thanks Mario and thank you UTPB students. You guys rule.

Wind Weaver and the Whirling Wheel: A tale of Wolfbat Romance FEB 2011

This was a performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Jacksonville Florida. The performance was a wedding marrying the sky to the moon... revolving around Nordic characters. This was a collaboration between John Hancock, John Hitchcock, UNF students, Jenny Hager, Emily Author Douglas, and myself. The performance was followed by a procession. The whole crew was amazing and the students at UNF killed it.

The Big Takeover Philadelphia, PA March 2010

This was a Viking ship built by Wolfbat Studios and covered with imagery from tons of artists. We invaded a hoity toity condo complex, blew off fireworks, raised hell, made a buncha noise and destroyed the ship.

Satisfaction Town Chicago March 2009

Performance for and event hosted by John Hitchcock "Satisfaction Town"

Satisfaction Town Chicago March 2009

Performance for and event hosted by John Hitchcock "Satisfaction Town"

The Resurrection of Fenris New York, NY AUG. 2007

Contribution to the Deitch Art Parade. A giant Wolfbat, masked blood covered army, drummers setting the pace and energy conjured.