The Resurrection of Big Mary

The Resurrection of Big Mary (Johnson City, TN):

in 1916 a circus went through the town of Kingsport, TN. They had hired an unexperienced trainer to move the elephants. Big Mary, the largest, had stopped to eat a watermelon rind and was prodded in the jaw by the trainer. She happened to have an abscessed tooth where he prodded her and in reaction he threw him into a drink stand killing him. The town demanded justice and wanted the elephant killed. Over night the media had turned Mary into a murderous animal who had tusked (female elephants have no tusk) a trainer to death and killed several people. This forced the issue of putting her down and the circus decided to capitalize on the execution by making a public hanging of Mary prior to the nights performance in the town of Erwin.  Erwin had a crane big enough to hang Mary and agreed to help out by loaning the crane. She was hung in front of thousands of spectators. The story mimics the abuse of media and ugly side of capitalism today. It also reflects how people have a tendency to eat what they are fed and stand silent while horrible things happen. The Wolfbat tribe migrated to the area 18 years later to clear the area of any residual bad energy left behind from this event and resurrect Big Mary. (weird thing is by chance fell on the exact date of her execution 18 years prior)